How Did The Mayflower Compact

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Did you know the Mayflower Compact was the first written structure of government? "In 1802, John Quincy Adams described the agreement as “the only instance in human history of that positive, original, social compact” and it is popularly believed to have influenced the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution." Also it is believed that the name of the ship is what the pilgrims named the Mayflower Compact after. The Mayflower Compact was molded to keep the pilgrims together. Theses wanderers left England and boarded a ship to set sail to Virginia but in the outcome they ended up in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The pilgrims pronounced that this would be where they settled. So forty one English colonists signed the mayflower compact and they worked together as a group.

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On November 21, 1620 The Mayflower Compact was signed by forty one colonists. It encouraged the documents we have now like the Declaration of Independence. This document helped mold the United States and protected peace between the two groups on the ship. The two groups were the puritans and the separatists, which they called pilgrims. They wanted to separate from the
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Also it established the first democratic government in the colonies. It made laws by and for the people. The mayflower document influenced the founding fathers when they created the United States Constitution. The mayflower compact is what our country was based upon for making new agreements. The mayflower compact was important in many ways. It recognized people as a whole source of power. It was actually written down and was signed by almost every adult male. Also it was the very first document of its kind in North America but was based off British laws. The mayflower compact did not actually state the types of laws the pilgrims would live

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