The Duties Of Freedom And The Nationhood Of The United States

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In 1620, hundreds of Puritans left from the Great Britain and sought for their own settlement in American Continent. Those Puritan settlers had signed the Mayflower Compact which was a basic form of lawful management and order before they landed on Plymouth in Massachusetts. Freedom has always been and will ever be the most valuable nationhood of the United States. The political system of the nation changed from a loose confederation to a central government because the founding fathers thought the change was based on the country 's future. Yet the Democratic-Republicans strongly opposed an unlimited power of government. And their slogan was also the same. They feared such a strong central government would hinder people 's freedom. Thus the …show more content…
Limiting the power of the central government, it was the citizens hoped to protect their freedom and civil rights. However, if there was not a strong central government territorially protect this country, then the rights of citizens might be trampled. After the founding of the United States, its local lands were seldom attacked by other countries. The war of 1812. Although royal troops had occupied Washington, D.C in 1814, and the president and cabinet escaped , president James Madison said to the congress that he guaranteed the war against British people was ‘preserving a constant readiness to concur in an honorable re-establishment of peace and friendship . His words to congress came true. The United States and Britain after the war restored friendly relations, and for the United States it provided an excellent opportunity to expand on the American continent. If the central government did not exist, it would be difficult to protect the rights of citizens in the war crisis. Nevertheless, citizens expected their rights were protected to the maximum extent. And no one would like to be a prisoner, lost his freedom and imprisoned in prison. Thus the obligations of the state is to fulfill its responsibilities to protect civil liberties and to the normal operation of the entire country. If there is a conflict between the policies of the …show more content…
President Hoover used so-called liberty to solve a confusion of economic depression in the nation, but obviously he failed. Although he tried an agency named Reconstruction Finance Corporation [RFC] to directly intervene the unemployed private industries . By his own word was that ‘it is founded upon the conception that only through ordered liberty, freedom, and equal opportunity to the individual will his initiative and enterprise spur on the march of progress. But the ordered liberty did not save the United States. The unemployment rate was still very high when he was replaced by Franklin D.Roosevelt. Roosevelt soon created many acts and programs to regulate the market and industries though they also were not very efficient as he hoped. Nevertheless, the regulations for labour and governmental intervention shaped the liberalism in the United States. Since the New Deal, the American mode of social and economic liberalism has been more tighten up.

The freedom and liberalism in the United States were shaped by many historical events. It eventually formed present circumstance that people could be freer than any other places in the world without doubt but government is regulating and guarding the freedom as its

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