The New Act Of An Affordable Care Act ( Ppaca ) Essay example

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When the United States altered its Medicare and Medicaid coverage this was a plus for the disabled, elderly and poverty level people that had no health care to allow them to seek services from qualified physicians. A remarkable 45 years later President Obama managed to pass Patient Protection of an Affordable Care Act (PPACA), promising this at his first choice and did not meet approval until 21 March 2010; votes coming strictly from two independents and Democrats, zero Republicans. One of the hardest campaign promises to fulfill to date, since President Clinton failed at achieving a similar set of goals. This new act should border on the utilitarianism theory side but as I see it, I see it on the emotivism perspective side. Plenty of people would argue that it is the greater set of choices and the act we chose equals the greatest number affected by that choice. I feel that this act sounds great where this action poses these new benefits, although, according to Esteban & Dickinson “PPACA, Public Laws 111-148 & 111—152 Sec. 1101, 4001, and 1502” (2013), show otherwise for some. It stated these sections benefit the insurance companies more so. If I am reading this properly, first section of the law shows there will be no further foregoing circumstances by “2014”, which this is 2015 and I have friends with insurance that have not received this benefit through insurance yet. Yes, this could be a plus point for some but not fairly, if it is for all people. Then Esteban &…

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