The Negative Speech Of Stock Investment In The Stock Market

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Currently, you are losing your money, if you are just saving your money in your bank account or safe. In this year, you lost 1.6% of your money. It is lower than the United States annual average, 3.22% (S), but it is still 1.6%. The price of goods keeps increasing and we need more money to buy the same goods. However, banks do not pay us enough interest. In fact, inflation rate in this year, 2016 is 1.6% according to Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (S), while we have 0.01% of interest rate of major banks’ saving account. Again, we are losing our money, the value of money decreases each year, each period, and right now. Then what can we do? Are there any ways to keep our money? Ladies and gentlemen, My college major is economics and I am a stock trader with 2-year experience myself. I started stock trading with my college life and I can say I have quite good rates of return which is 13% per year. Today, I am here to explain the reason why you should invest your money in the stock market. In this speech, I am going to convince you, first, stock …show more content…
But money can be a good tool in our life. Doesn’t it? The stock investment will support you to maintain your assets, achieve your dream, and create wealth. you are living in the best country to make stable investment. If you want to succeed in finance and want to improve your family 's quality of life, you should invest your money in the stock market which is the best choice. It has a high return, and it is safer than you think if you make a little bit of an effort to study the stuff. The father of economics, Adam Smith said (S), “man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this” in his paper the Wealth of Nations. As he said, man is an unique creature who trades something. Understand how the market behaves, invest your money to the stock market, contribute to the US economy, get the financial success, and improve your quality of life. See you on the trading

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