Stock Market Informative Speech

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Register to read the introduction… The mortgage crisis occurred due to banks lending large mortgages to people who thought this was acceptable because the value of their homes would only rise.
2. When the value of homes started to decline, banks asked for payment on mortgages which in turn, forced people to make all their assets, including stocks, liquid to pay their debts (Davies, 2008).
2) With the stock prices bottomed out because of mass forced selling, they began to rise after the government bailouts of the financial institutions.
A. The market is slowly rising and will inevitably reach its high prior to the market decline giving first time investors the opportunity to make a small fortune.

(Transition): This brings me to my next point, that now is the best time to invest in stocks.

1) "The Standard and Poor's 500 Index is up 95% since the bull market began in March 2009," says USA Today (Kantz, 2011).
A. This simply means that since the market has started rising, that America's fortune 500 companies' stocks have gained 95%. 1) For first time investors, now is the time to buy stocks before they reach their full potential or position they were listed at in 2008 before the decline of the

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