The Negative Portrayal Of Christians Today 's Society Essay

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The media misinterprets the values of Christianity and portrays Christian celebrities in a negative way. Naturally, the media is giving the people what they want and sometimes it is not always true. Real life Christian celebrities speak out about their religious beliefs and how the media sees them. Television shows and movies include religious characters that end up being the murderer or adulterer, which gives religion a negative review in society. The negative portrayal of Christians in today’s society is wrong and inaccurate.
The entertainment industry often portrays a majority of Christians as pitiless, hypercritical, ignorant, empty of understanding or grace, and with a heavy Southern accent. This stereotype is more common than what true Christians are, and it upsets those Christians who are protective of their faith. If there is a Christian character, they are most likely going to savagely judge, scorn, argue with, or straight up murder the faithless, more secular characters (Copeland 2).
Sadly, the truth is, there are some real-life Christians who reflect those Christian characters on television and film. This type of behavior and actions of the hateful type of “Christians” are more apparent than the self-sacrificing love that comes from following Christ (Copeland 3). However, this is how screenwriters and commentators view the Christian faith. Plus, those loud and proud, angry Christians will always attract a crowd (5).
Take the hit television show, “Scandal”, for…

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