Is Sleep Deprivation Important

How important is Sleep? Does it vary a lot depending on the Person, or is this a Myth? Sleep is a basic human need that is crucial to every individual irrespective of age and gender. Sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs when a person lacks or does not have enough sleep. Sleep deficiency, therefore, has the potential to cause the following: lose of productivity, mental illness and even greater risks of death. This, therefore, shows the negative impacts of lack of sleep implying that sleep has a greater benefit to every individual to avoid the above risks. According to Dorrian & Dinges (141), Sleep deprivation causes diverse problems ranging from, making a person prone to acne, limits an individual’s capability to learn, and further might lead to weight gain. The essay seeks to understand the importance of sleep to an individual and understand the negative impacts of sleep deprivation.
People should try a much to get adequate sleep in a day and further avoid sleep deprivation as a
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One of the major reasons why people should get enough sleep is that sleep in most instances determines an individual’s mood; therefore, it might result into melancholy. Lack of stimulants that are sent to an individual brain, a person who does not get enough amount of sleep especially during the night for some time consecutively are often susceptible to diverse negative feelings including irritability, high level of aggression, depression and even impatience. Whenever a person feels discouraged they often get so touchy, and this would affect the choice making process since in most instances, it gets problematic. It is thus vital for one to adequate amount of sleep irrespective of all the daily activities that one has or plans to accomplish during the day. It is worth noting that without getting enough sleep individuals will experience a highly lethal impact that often

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