Essay on The Negative Impacts Of Mobile Phones

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The Negative Impacts of Mobile Phones How many people would volunteer to give up their cellphones for even one day? Very few people today would be willing to make this seemingly minor sacrifice. Just look around in any crowded public place, and a frenzy of mobile phone interaction can be observed. A flurry of activity can be seen including taking selfies, texting, or simply scrolling through social media; it is easy to see the intimate relationship people have with their cellular devices. While it appears that these relationships are thriving, many are unaware of the hidden pitfalls caused by this demanding partner. Since the introduction of mobile phones, especially smartphones, individuals have been exposed to the negative impacts of these devices to include increased stress, decreased attention span, and the creation of more superficial and less genuine relationships. While it can be argued that mobile phones are very convenient, they also have the negative effect of causing increased stress due to overexposure and dependence on an endless stream of information. “Today’s multifunctional phones have become an indispensable lifeline to the rest of the world,” explains Helen Lee Lin, PH.D. in social psychology (Lin). This powerful observation encapsulates how essential mobile phones have become in our society. Virtual communication is constantly happening; people fill any spare moment by checking the multiple types of social media, messaging, and email (Davidson).…

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