Media Violence Research Paper

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What is media violence?
The dissemination of violent or other expressed material or images in a manner that is believed harmful to viewers through media source e.g video games, television, films, literature, comic books and radio.
Media play an important role in the building any society. Media has changed the societies of world so we can’t ignore its importance and impacts. On the other hand media also have some negative impacts on societies. Mostly youth are effecting by media.
Media create violence in societies by showing violent behaviors to the public through its various program e.g. television crime shows, video games and music etc. Media also authorized that constant exposure the violent or actions movies activates violence
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Social media gears are woven into many younger’s day-to-day lives. Youth beings are in conversation and verbal exchange with their peer companies the usage of a wide variety of various media and media devices every day.
10 years ago, younger‘s may have most effective been in touch with buddies and peer-organizations while hanging out at college, or meeting up on the town. Now youth can be contact through immediate messaging, social networks, online games, television and many other gears. Younger people are growing up in a continuously linked society.
Almost all the people are influenced through TV, films, etc but teen age is the most influential age and media have great impact on their behaviors which showed in their routine lives. Criminologist agrees that the agent of socialization, including the attention of this has been given to television portrayals. The debates about television programming has heightened and some stations have even established “hotlines” for parents to call to obtain information about content of programs to be aired and congressional debates have centered on the inclusion of the “ v-chip” in new televisions that would enable parents to control the viewing of violent programs by the
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Youth wanted to act like their favorite characters like in Malaysia, Bangladesh some children fell to their death because they tried to imitate the flying like their favorite hero batman and superman. 70% of youth saw violent and criminal acts in films and they commit crime like Indian film Dhoom, Dhoom 2, prince English film Wanted are the stories of violent hero and promote different method of rubbery, steal and theft, fighting etc and many young people try to do same acts inspired by these films. English movie “wanted” promote different techniques about how to kill an individual from very far distance. Indian films “Don” Family” Garv” Wanted”Singham “Kick” etc promote the techniques fighting among young people because youth highly fascinated by action

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