The Influence Of Violence In The Media

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Did you know that 60% of TV programs include violence? Viewers like children are harmed by the prevalence of violence in media. Therefore some control over the violence presented in the media would be a great idea; preventing particularly kids from growing up and imitating bad acts seen on TV. This is why I believe as claimed by the cultivation theory that TV promotes a worldview that is inaccurate but that viewers assumes reflects real life. Therefore some viewers are affected by the Mean World Syndrome, the belief that the world is a more dangerous place then it truly is. Control over the violence presented in media should be stricter since, there are children watching TV and seeing channels they may not be allowed to but are. Sometimes parents do not have control over what their kids are watching. Plus it is seen and said that kids spend more time inside their homes consuming entertainment media than doing any other activity and some children even have a television in their bedroom. Also as reported by Anderson and coworkers in their surveys and other studies it was found that on any given Saturday, 60% of American kids are watching TV. Those percentages of children are the ones who imitate everything they see; having that innocence in their way of …show more content…
Those negative thoughts will affect their social life. Not only that but maybe after like watching violent movies, the person may think the same thing that happened in the movie may happen to them; affecting negatively their personal lives and those around them. These examples represent those heavy viewers that think the world is more violent than crime statistics reflect it to

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