Pro Euthanasia Be Legalized Essay

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The legalizing of euthanasia in some countries has allowed patients who suffer greatly from chronic pain, assured that they no longer can be treated, have an option to have a physician end their life in order to end the battle they have with the suffering. Euthanasia can be practiced in two different procedures, passive and active. In passive euthanasia the physician of a patient withholds and stops treatments such as life supports, nutrition, hydration etc. with the consent of the patient and the family in order for the patient to die naturally. In other words the physician sets no timeline for the death of the patient he/she only eliminates tools that can help the patient survive. Active euthanasia on the other hand is when a physician injects …show more content…
The comparison this argument makes is weak since, a person who is wants to be actively euthanized has to fit a certain criteria and the decision to even go through with euthanasia must come from a physician who is aware of the situation of the patient. Often times when a terminally ill patient decides to go through with euthanasia they suffer immensely from pain and are assured from a physician that they no longer have a chance of a healthy living. Suicide on the other hand is not authorized by anyone except the person who is suffering therefore a person might think that there only solution to their current state of living is death while, the pain that they are going through is temporary. In active euthanasia physicians look at the long term condition of the patient and decide that if the situation is the same or even worse than they are able to be euthanized. Therefore active euthanasia is a solution to a long term period of suffering that is recognized and also regulated by a professional, suicide however is not regulated by anyone expect the person who is committing it. Active euthanasia is also a resolution to a painful death that is already coming; suicide however is often committed when there is no threat of near

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