Physician Assisted Suicide Disadvantages Essay

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Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) has been a heavily debated topic for more than 100 years. Critics and supporters, both have very strong opinions on the topic. Physician-assisted suicide, formerly known as active or voluntary euthanasia, is defined as purposely committing suicide with the aid of a physician (Fecio McDougall 1). The act is usually performed through a lethal dose of medication. The medication may be administered by the individual or someone other than the physician; however, the physician provides the patient with the means necessary to carry out the act (“Right to Die”).
Critics of physician-assisted suicide state that the government should have the right to preserve human life; therefore, they maintain that PAS should not be considered a constitutional right. Critics also state that improving end-of-life care should be the focus for both patients and medical professionals. Additionally, they argue that protecting vulnerable members of society, preserving life, and maintaining the integrity of medical professionals are legitimate reasons to keep a ban on physician-assisted suicide.
Supporters, on the other hand, argue that
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Supporters also argue that if PAS were a constitutional right it would provide greater legal protection to an individual than legal precedent would (Fecio McDougall 59). In fact, individuals are guaranteed, by the US Constitution, rights to liberty and privacy. Supporters argue that this right should provide the foundation for an individual’s right to choose death. Additionally, supporters argue that PAS should fall under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees an individual the right of choice (Fraser 123). They also argue that PAS is an extension of the constitutional right to privacy (Salem

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