The Negative Effects Of Watching Television On Children

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According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ”Children in the United States ages eight to eighteen spend on average seven and a half hours a day with media and technology screens ("WatchingTV/Screen Time and Children", 2016)”. Watching television at a young age is unhealthy, harmful, and destructive. There have been thousands of studies conducted on what happens to children when they start watching tv at a young age and all of them show some sort of negative affect. Children should not watch tv because it leads to various negative effects such as physical health, child stimulation, and behavioral changes.

An undeniable effect that television has on children is the effect it has on their physical health such as their
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Due to the attention children give to tv it stops them from doing things that encourage imagination. According to a professor at the school of Psychoeducation at the University of Montreal “Kids should be doing things that are intellectually enriching: playing with board games, playing with dice, playing with things that will improve their motor skills, reading instead all of that is replaced by sitting on the couch. (Gardner, 2010)”. Reading stimulates brain development in young children. However, Watching TV can discourage reading because children would rather spend time watching tv. This results in less brain development and less time using a child 's imagination. Another effect watching tv has on children stimulation is the effect is their families. Children need family interaction and stimulation. When a child 's family spends a sufficient amount of time watching tv they spend more time staring at a screen rather than spending valuable time building relationships and positive interaction patterns. The official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics did a study on the positive effects TV could have on children “this study showed that children’s imaginative play can be positively affected by television content if the tv was shown in small quantities (Warner, 2016)”. However, the study also showed that television viewing can increase a child’s display of aggression, which is another reason children shouldn 't watch TV. In essence, television can stop the necessary stimulation children need when growing up which is one of many reasons they should not watch

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