The Negative Effects Of Television Media And Body Image

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Register to read the introduction… This study will investigate the effect of television media on body image of adolescents girls diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Research has shown that the adolescent female is known to spent hours watching soap operas and reality programs. The objective of this paper is to examine the correlation between the hours spent exposed to television media, the specific television program exposure and any possible impact on body image the exposure to television media has on the specified population of anorexic adolescents. More specifically this paper will research the following: 1) Does television media have an effect on body image of adolescent girls between the age of 12 – 16 who are diagnosed with anorexia nervosa 2) What type of television media does the adolescent …show more content…
This definition is supported by the FDA in reference to pediatric/adolescent clinical trials (FDA, 2004). All participants have an active, primary diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa and were deemed able to participate in the research study by their treatment team prior to participation. The effect of body image will be defined by the results of the participants to Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale and Strunkard’s Body Figure Scale. The type and amount of TV media exposure will be measured by the survey composed by the researchers. The TV media survey is based on the TV media survey created by Schooler, Ward, Merriwether & Caruthers for their 2004 …show more content…
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