The Negative Effects Of Pornography

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Pornography is the collection of pictures, writing, or other material that is sexually explicit and sometimes equates sex with power and violence. This brief description would be helpful to understand the meaning of pornography, but not the effects that it has on society. Women are the main subject matter in most pornography. This is dangerous to the future of womankind as it causes rape, reduction in women’s self-respect, and reinforces negative stereotypes of women. This is why pornography is considered harmful to women.
Men by far are the degradation that is pornography’s largest consumers. (Richards) In order for rape to occur, a man must not only be inclined to rape, but his internal and social self-consciousness against acting out his rape urges must be damaged. Pornography entices the male to commit the rape. It predisposes some males to rape women and intensifies the predisposition in other males already so predisposed; undermines some male’s internal inhibitions against acting out their desire to rape, and undermines some males’ social
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(Christensen) The sexuality of the woman is looked highly upon, but the actual dehumanization is completely overlooked. Even though there is nothing at all degrading about sexual explicitness, to women or to anyone else, the perception of women has traditionally suffered. (Christensen) It is evident that the image of the nude woman’s body would be reduced to her uncovered body parts. This is sexual degradation to the female. The most prevalent theme in pornography is one of utter contempt for women. In movie after movie, women are raped, ejaculated on, urinated on, beaten, sodomized, and left permanently scarred. Pornography’s theme is sexual degradation, and women are the objects of the degradation. (Richards) This puts forth the question about weather or not pornography is the grounds for which these events

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