Essay On Poaching

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“At the end of 2013, there were an estimated 500,000 African elephants living in the world. 95 percent of the elephant population has been killed during the last 100 years”. Human activity is leading to extinction of many species. While some laws are banning poaching, it continues to become a severe issue. Kenya, for instance, is struggling to protect elephan.It has negative effects on both the environment and the economy in Kenya. Since the population of elephants declines, the number of tourists who come for safaris in Kenya reduces, and affected the economy in a harmful way. The ecosystem is also in a dangerous situation. Government tried to stop this issue by burning ivory stockpiles and having park rangers to protect the elephants, however …show more content…
"By the time the last flames flickered out Saturday night, Kenya reduced 105 tons of elephant ivory and 1.35 tons of rhino horn to smouldering ash—the final remains of some 6,500 elephants and 450 rhinos killed for their tusks and horns." It was by far the largest in history. Many argue if the act of burning ivory will actually reduce the number of poaching. The act of setting an ablaze to burn a huge amount of ivory may create a perception lacking that rises the value of the ivory.

In my opinion, there are some ways to solve this problem. For example giving better education and public awareness to Africans and the people in countries where the demand for ivory emerged, will be a nice solution. Schools in Kenya can initiate students into the study of anti-poaching. Another solution will be to provide opportunities for careers. More than 40% of the population in Kenya is unemployed, which means those who have no job will be hard to get their life requirements. To prevent them from taking the risk and poach, offering jobs would be a good idea.

Poaching in Kenya has become a serious problem. Poachers get money by trading the ivory in black market and causing the population of elephant declined. Many solutions have been tried but not all of them work. Of the solution suggested, getting better education and offers employment for citizens may make a positive

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