Arguments Against Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is very big topic in today’s world. The idea of somebody leaving their home country and going somewhere to make a better life for themselves and their family is something that everybody should strive for. Parents only want to make their children’s better than what they had. The problem with this idea is that some people want it so bad they break laws in order to do so. Over the last two decades or so, illegal immigration to the United States has almost tripled from an estimated 4 million undocumented residents in 1986 to about 11.2 million in 2008 (Kim, Clarvalho, Davis, Mullins 2011 p. 292). Although many people think that immigration will boost our economy this paper shows it won’t because of how many illegal immigrants will enter this country undocumented and use our systems in order to achieve a better life, while …show more content…
It is considering in America people from all around the world can come here and make a better life for themselves. America is a culture melting pot. We have taken ideas from many different cultures in order to make our country better. One thing important to remember is that at one point all of our ancestors were immigrants. This needs to be considered when people are trying to reform the immigration policy. Another thing to remember is that back in those days our ancestors were US citizens and they made a contribution to the federal government just like everybody else. They worked hard and were proud to call America their home. In order to have a successful America, we need have policies on immigration. We need to stop allowing illegal immigrants into the United States who are being unpunished for their crimes of coming into America illegally. We need to have becoming a citizen the correct way be a reward for the people who do it right. By having these policies in place we will make a better country that will reward the people who work hard and want to make a better life for

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