Essay Effects Of Divorce On Children

More than half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Every day, families are broken because of the unhappiness between spouses. But what about the silent victims? The children that were a product of this forgotten union are now hurled into a world of turbulent emotions and hard decisions. What is going to happen now? Every child that has been informed of the impending divorce has thought this at least once. Nonetheless, it is not only about the ending of life as they knew it. This is about the emotional toll that divorce leaves on everyone in the picture, especially the children. This is about the risky behavior that adolescents are now predisposed to. Due to the lifelong negative psychological effects cause in children due …show more content…
Some children are able to access the support they need to help them get through this time. Other children also have parents that split amicably. However, every case is different. Another thing to take into account when it comes to divorce is the possibility for a stepfamily. With their mother or father seeing someone else, it might be harder for the child to come to grips with the divorce, especially if there are other children involved. New families also mean new rules and new rhythms to adopt.
Some children are affected negatively and are unable to get the help and support they deserve. It has been shown in studies that divorce has strong negative effects on children such as heightened levels of depression, suicide, delinquency, and a negative effect on school performance. Children have also been shown to have lower self-esteem, more feelings of loss, and severe fears of abandonment. A 2009 Gordon Poll Youth survey revealed that many children with parents going through divorce wanted their parents to stay together. (Gordon, 2009) They also wanted their parents to know that the process of divorce is not easy and that it hurt seeing their parents go through
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For many children, they note that their parents become colder after the divorce and more closed up. This is the opposite of what children need. At this emotional time, what young adolescents need is a warm figure in their life to support them and tell them it will be alright. At such a fragile age on the emotional spectrum, such occurrences can leave long-lasting effects on the psyche. Some adolescents noted that their relationships with their parents were less secure, with their parents being less strict as far as discipline is concerned. Many of these teens also saw that they were able to get away with more since their parents usually were not on top of them like they used to be. This is like the cat and mouse analogy. When the cat 's away, the mouse come out to play. In this case, what the mice were doing was engaging in risky

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