The Negative Effects Of Addictions

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Many people have faced or experienced addictions in their life. Addictions can happen to anyone, whether it could be you or someone you know, like a friend, a family member, or a stranger. Addictions are happening to many individuals. There are facilities, programs, and counselling that are occurring to aid the addicted people, preventing them to do anything else that would affect them, their bodies and others. But sometimes the effect of the addiction would be so dangerous that the result of the person could die from it, go insane or become like an inhuman or unrecognizable person.
Addiction is a thing that people can 't control over or stop from what they are doing and can affect a person 's mind. Those with addictions are unable to control
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It is when the addicted person needs regular dosage of whatever they are addicted to in order to cope with their addiction. Like addicted drugs which activates the brain’s ‘reward system’, by increasing the release of the chemical dopamine from neurons in key areas of the brain. Dopamine occurs after pleasurable experiences, such as food or drugs. Regularly, the initial aid is no longer discerned, and the addiction continues because withdrawal is difficult and unacceptable to handle. Withdrawal is when the effect of the alcohol or drugs wear off, the person may experience symptoms such as: anxiety; sweating, nausea and vomiting; insomnia; depression; …show more content…
Or adiction can be an outcome of a habit. A habit is a thing that people can control over. The person can choose to stop, and afterward, stop successfully if they want to. Many people can become engaged in activities without any significant problems. Whereas some people may experience damaging psychological or physical effects when their habits become an addiction. Like someone who only smoke when they are stressed out but now smoke even if they are not stressed out. Often times, addiction from a habit, can lead to serious problems at home, work, school and

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