The Need And Purpose Of Concept Testing Of A Energy Printing

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4. Concept testing:-
It is the direct response of the customers to check if the product meeting the requirements. We can collect data in quantitative and qualitative way to potential customer’s response before launching the product in the market. The main steps involved are
1. Defining the need and purpose of concept test
2. Choose a survey target population
3. Chosse a survey method
4. Communicate the concept with customers
5. Measure the customer’s response
6. Interet the results
7. Reflect on the results.
Example Concept testing of a Energy drink (Source:

5. System Level Design:-
This phase includes the product architecture, dividing the product into sub systems and assemblies. Designing of the key components and their production methods. Initial production plan and assembly planning are also included in this phase. So
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By adding successive layers of material we can make almost any shape and object which we can use as a prototype of the actual product.
3d printing model firstly created by using computer aided design CAD package. This reduces the possible error in model. (Source: -

7. Production Ramp-up:-In this phase product is made using the actual production methods. It involve the training workforce and to remove any remaining errors and problems. The product produces during this process are supplied to the preferred customer to identify remaining flaws. At this stage the actual production starts and product are available for distribution. A post launch product review might occur soon after the launch. This review includes the necessary are of improvement from technical and commercial perspective for future improvement in the product. (Source: -

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