Essay on The Nebraska Juvenile Justice System Probation Officer

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Presenting Problem The Nebraska Juvenile Justice System Probation Officer (NJJS) and the Jefferson County Juvenile Court referred this client to OMNI for violating the conditions of his probation. This client has a significant history of emotional and behavioral problems, including frequent mood changes, oppositional and defiance toward authority figures, and extremely impulsive physical aggression both at home and at school, these behavioral issues have become so significant he needs placement outside of the home.
Family/Social History The client has resided with his adopted family since he was approximately 2 years old. His biological mother has a substantial history of alcohol and substance abuse and this client, as well as his older half-brother, were removed from the family home and placed in foster care. Both boys were adopted when this client was 4years old. Also in the home is another adopted child. The adopted parents also have two biological children. At the age of 11, this client’s brother was removed from the adopted home, for sexually abusing the adopted sister. The adopted father is a pastor and the mother is a registered nurse. The client has significantly volatile relationships with his adoptive parents. The client assaulted his mother over electronics restrictions that were court-ordered. He became so aggressive, that he broke his mother’s eye socket, which she needed surgery to repair. The client frequently fights with his siblings and…

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