Essay on The Nature Walk At The Don Valley Park

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This article explains about the emotions and what I experienced on the nature walk at the Don Valley Park. A walk in nature can give you a dose of wilderness you need to refresh your spirit. Even though it was a hot sunny day it was mostly shady and the cool breeze complemented the atmosphere. Nature walks are a great way to soothe our mind and to appreciate nature’s tranquility and subtle gifts while still getting some exercise.
Strolling through the natural environment park can actually increase the ability to focus and concentrate. Getting outside and walking in natural environments helps unwind bodies and minds alike. Oftentimes, it will allow the mind to sort through a problem it was working on and tackle it with fresh perspective at the end of a walk.
I could hear the birds and insects, the wind moving past different leaves, and the sounds of earth underfoot, and experienced a big difference compared to walking through developed urban setting with road traffic noise.
It draws all your senses to one thing – a tree, a flower, the breeze or the stream I was able know-how it looks, smells and feels, compared to the smoke and dust in the urban surroundings. While strolling through the park, the openness of the environment made me feel diminution in tension and stress, coupled with increased levels of calm and relaxation, both physical and mental, opposed to the fast-paced hectic life style we live in developed areas which leaves us exhausted, distracted or anxious.
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