Essay on The Nature Of The Environment On Human Development

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Developmental psychology pursues to understand the degree of influence of the environment on human development. The nature-nurture debate used to be described as one or the other explaining human development but the reality of it is not as simple. As psychologists, we want to find out what influences makes us into who we are today. One following the determinist/nativist view (nature) would suggest that behaviour is determined by hereditary factors such as the DNA or characteristics we have inherited. Therefore, nativists believe that we have been born with innate characteristics so our behaviour is determined by our biology. Some behaviours can be present at birth whilst some can ne pre-programmed in us that emerge with age. One following the nurture view (empiricist) would suggest that behaviour is determined by the way the environment influences us such as by observation or imitation. Therefore, empiricists believe that we have developed as humans through interactions with the environment. It is evident that neither nature nor nurture can on their own provide full explanations for human development so I will explore in this essay how the nature-nurture debate is currently viewed by developmental psychologists.
The nature approach to developmental psychology explains that behaviour is a result from our biological makeup, heredity and innateness. A nativist (nature) view would be that we are born with certain innate dispositions and some genetic characteristics develop…

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