The Natural World Is A Physical Place Created By God Essay

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Natural World The natural world is a physical place created by God for the purpose of revealing Himself to sinful man and redeeming them through His Son’s death. To begin with, the Lord desired for man to get a greater picture of Him through His creation. In Romans 1:19-20, the Apostle Paul explained how the world around us is filled with evidence of God’s existence. Simply, when we observe the phenomena within our external environment, it should make us yearn to know more about its origin. Unfortunately, many people today do not recognize the gravity of Paul’s words and have sought to find other explanations to the world’s existence outside of a creator. Over time, evolution has exceeded God as the acceptable solution to Earth’s presence, and as result less people recognize the glory of what He has done. Thus, I believe Paul would desire for us to guide others back to the truth and give God the praise He is due. Additionally, the natural world was changed when man turned to sin. Because of this decision, which was against the Lord’s commands, death became a consequences for all men who have ever or will inhabit the Earth. Paul described this in Romans 5:12. Yet, I believe this occurred because God wanted to further demonstrate His perfect character. Despite man’s sin, the Lord sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on their behalf and redeem them to Himself as Paul inferred in Romans 5:17, 18. Presently, we are to share this message with others so that they may be saved. In…

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