The National Unemployment Rate For People Essay

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Quotation – “In 2010, the national unemployment rate for people sixteen to twenty-four with only a high-school diploma was 24.6 percent, compared to a rate of 8 percent for the college educated” (Hymowitz, Carroll, Wilcox, and Kaye 2013:23).
I became a college student at nearly forty-one years old, because I found I could no longer find a job without a college degree. I have also found that I am not alone. Several of the people that I went to high school with have also become first-time college students in the last few years. My parents were not in a position to send me to college and at the time a high school diploma was enough to find a job with a living wage. A couple of years after I graduated I found a job I liked and settled in. I worked my way up and by my mid-twenties was making enough to support myself comfortably. When I was thirty-five the company closed and I found it difficult to find a job that paid enough for me to support myself. I went from a job where I was making almost fifteen dollars an hour to a job making less than ten dollars an hour. Then the recession started and I was laid off and could not find a job at all. After being unemployed for more than a year I finally realized that I was going to have to get a college degree in order to survive. I cannot imagine trying to do all of this and have a family to take care of, so I can understand why many people postpone marriage until they have finished college.
Question – Are the differences between the…

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