The National Medal Of Freedom, And But An Emmy Essay

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The Pulitzer Prize, the National Medal of Freedom, and even an Emmy: the most influential gay authors (on this list) have reached international audiences with messages of realism and the value of introspection. They 've captivated audiences with comedic theater, satirical commentary, and monumental stories. Their work has been adapted, reimagined, and reproduced in every form of media. Since their first editions, each of our most influential gay authors have used prose to provide new perspectives and provoke progression.

E.M. Forster
E.M. Forster was an enigmatic and witty author who wrote novels and essays that spurred biographers to describe him as "almost a prophet." He did not live openly as a gay man, but maintained a relationship with his partner, Bob Buckingham, and a close friendship with Buckingham 's wife. His novel, Maurice, dramatized a relationship between two men and a woman and offered a unique ending in comparison to other works with a similar theme… it did not end in tragedy. The influential novel was not released until after Forster 's death in 1970, but it 's publication rights were well managed by the executor of his estate. The royalties from Maurice established the E.M. Forster Award, which sponsors a young English author to visit America each year.

Virginia Woolf
While comparing her to Jimi Hendrix, Michael Cunningham (author of the Mrs. Dalloway adaptation, The Hours) said, "She walked a line between chaos and order, she riffed, and just when it…

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