Essay on The Myths Of The, Cherokee, And Maori People

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There is good and there is bad, but it’s the bad that lead these three myths to suffer long life consequences that ultimately explain why earth is why it is today. These three myths show the struggles and obstacles the Hebrew, Cherokee, and Maori people had to overcome because of their vicious ways and or their actions under certain obstacles that challenged the people of these myths. In the “Yahweh” myth the author communicates “In the garden was a snake, and the snake persuaded the women that she could eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil without dying…She ate the fruit, and gave some to the man too.” (Creation Story World 33). Therefore, the snake making this bad decision, led to Yahweh cursing the snake Shouting, “Because of what you have done, you are cursed more than any other animal, and you will have to crawl on your belly in the dust, and you will be eaten by the offspring of this women” the women being Eve, whom he had beguiled into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But not only was the snake cursed, Adam and Eve were also cursed. Yahweh told Eve, “You will be cursed with the great pain in giving birth to children…and your husband will rule you” (Creation Story World 33). To the man Yahweh shared, “Because of what you have done, the ground is cursed and you will never eat of this fruit again. You will grow plants and fields and eat bread until you die…” (Creation Story World 33). In this myth the snakes bad action lead the world…

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