The Myth Of The Ideal Worker Analysis

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“The Myth of the Ideal Worker” is a study on the effectiveness of different methods often promoted by various sources that claim they will help a person excel and rise in the ranks of their corporate environment. A few of the tactics examined are getting training through experience and formal seminars, seeking advice from peers and colleagues, and scanning for opportunities inside and outside your current company. Of all nine tactics mentioned, only two have shown to be useful for women in the workplace – and despite the equal efforts of both men and women in the workplace, women are still lagging behind men by 10% in satisfaction with their salary and career position.
Means that would work for a man to move up the corporate ladder would not,
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She is a proponent for seeking mentorship and forming bonds with those in greater positions than your own, and making your voice heard. These are supported by the study in which it was found that the only methods that helped women to succeed in the workplace were seeking powerful people, and making your achievements known. That is only 2 out of 9 tactics advocated for by so-called experts on advancing your career. Interestingly, making your achievements know was shown to not be helpful for men – further support for the notion that men and women must approach Corporate America from different perspective and use different techniques to get ahead in their respective …show more content…
I personally have a goal of being a pioneer in my field for my generation, and will be making many efforts to expand the reaches of my career to many parts of our modern life. In order to do this, I must be strategic in the way I choose a position and ensure my own advancement. I will be mindful of all opportunities, but choose wisely when to changing within my career. Finding a worthwhile job that I can see myself staying in, after I earn my MA, is a crucial step. Just accepting anything will not be helpful, as I will most likely end up moving jobs in the long run and diminishing my chances for more growth. It is also important that I be more vocal and make certain I am considered a valued member of whatever team I may end up on. For this, I will make sure my achievements and desire for growth are recognized by both my peers and those in higher positions, and always ask for what I know I deserve in terms of position and

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