The Myth Of The Ant Queen Essay

1210 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Environment and Culture often play a huge role in shaping an individual. Their behaviors are often targeted as the starting point of changes. As viewed by Ethan Watters in his essay “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan”, culture plays an important in an individual’s life since culture has the ability to outcast its values and beliefs with other cultures therefore overpowering other individuals from different cultures. Just like Watters, Steven Johnson also focuses on individuals and their characteristics but with a different aspect using organized complexity in his essay, “The Myth of the Ant Queen”. And to add to other authors, Malcolm Gladwell also clears on how individuals behave according to their origin, background, and environment in his essay, “The of Power of Context”. All three authors though using different ways with different reasons, successfully describe the relationship between individuals and their cultural context. The relationship between individuals and their cultural context can be described as a strong bond that has the ability to overcome any obstacle that comes in their partition way. Obstacles come in different ways for different reasons and change the lives of individuals for better or worst. Individuals have many aspect to their lives that makes up their behavior, personality, and attitude. Some of those aspects include environment, culture, and rules. But the real problem is not the changing of these behaviors, it is how these changes…

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