Essay on The Myth Of Legends And Tales

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Most people think of blue walls in a desert with palm trees when they hear the word Babylon. Many stories of the enigmatic city of Babylon have been created and told through the years. In biblical books it talks about different architectures like the Tower of Babel or the Hanging Garden of Babylon that where created in that place. Also there is a myth that says that a curse was thrown upon the city, and the result was its destruction. Myths, legends and tales attract the attention of many archeologists, who investigate if they are true or not and if this city and its buildings were standing once.
This legends made the German archeologist Robert Koldeway interested in finding the Ishtar Gate. Covered by sand pieces of bricks of The Ishtar Gate were discovered in 1887. This man took back with him pieces to investigate them and found that they were part of the gate. The excavations started in 1899, as time passed more pieces of bricks and a pair of parallel walls with a road were found. Incredibly the bricks still maintain a very good aspect and there is a reconstruction in a museum of the Ishtar Gate with the same bricks that were found in the excavations. But do not have the same height as the original building.
The mastermind of this architecture was King Nebuchadnezzar II in the Neo-Babylonian period. The city was constructed near the Euphrates River. The idea of constructing these walls and gate was to rebuild the splendor of the city. With a height of forty feet, The…

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