Differences Of Isis, The Black Madonna, Madonna And Child, And The Virgin Mary?

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Part One:
Question 1
While researching Isis, the Black Madonna, Madonna and Child, and the Virgin Mary I was amazed by all of their stories. I was a little baffled by the similarities that I found in my research. Looking at Isis, I was extremely amazed at everything with her. I had never heard of her, so when researching I was fascinated by it all. Isis was an Egyptian goddess. Isis was seen as such a beauty an independent goddess, and a mother. Her name means Queen of the throne or female of throne. People began to associate everything with her. She was the ideal woman in Egyptian times. Everyone looked up to her and worshipped her. Having characteristics such as; loyalty, compassion to all, warmth, courage were some of the reasons she was adored by all. When depicting her, Egyptians drew her as a tall feminine woman in a long head dress. Sometimes the head dress was accompanied by a vulture with cow horns and with a royal serpent at the brow. As a few of the other ladies, Isis was also seen to be a virgin. A virgin who gave birth to children. The one in particular is her son Horus who is normally painted or sculpted with her. She was always standing in paintings and sculptures holding her son Horus. The Egyptians depicted her like this because they
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The Black Madonna was another fairly interesting topic. Madonna meaning an idealized woman virtuous and beautiful woman. She was created to be of a darker complexion to depict the relation to the color of the fertile Earth. Also because African is known as the place of the humankind. Her place was mostly in the churches as window art or shrines across the world. She was the first deity that was worshipped that was of a dark complexion. The Black Madonna derived from many different goddesses. Being that she was black she was able to reach other places of color could also relate, such as Spain, and even

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