Essay on The Myth Of Greek Myths

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What causes peoples interest in the retelling of Greek myths in novels? Many teenagers relate to Achilles and Perseus. If a teacher mentions the name Perseus many teenagers think of Percy Jackson. Teenagers hear the word echo. Does Greek mythology have a myth about echo? Teenagers desire to know how echo’s definition connects back to Greek mythology. Teenagers desire to know Perseus’s motive for killing Medusa. Teenagers fancy the Hunger Games inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Teenagers desire to learn how the Greek myth of Arachne has a connection to the definition of arachnophobia. Teenagers and adult desire to know more about words origins, the quests of Greek heroes, the shortcoming of villains, the moral behind the myths and Greek myths depiction of romantic relationships. The retelling of Greek myths in Rick Riordan’s books cover important myths while relating the myths to modern society. Riordan retells the myth of the Minotaur in the first book when the Minotaur supposedly killed Percy’s mother, later Hades appears in the offering fire at Camp Half Blood telling Percy to bring him the lightning bolt if he ever desires to see his mother again. Percy and Annabeth embark on a quest to find and return Zeus’s lightning bolt. Teenage boys relate to Percy and his struggle to ask a strong girl to go on a date with him. Percy received a gift from Luke which contained the lightning bolt. Teenagers relate to Percy due to their friend backstabbing them. The…

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