On Morality Definition Essay

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The definition of words is never definite. Webster’s dictionary has many new editions because of the changes that are added to specific words to make them more definite. If the definition of words is constantly changing, then definitions are subjective and indefinite. Many words have an implicit connotation to them which determine what the definition of the word is. Implicit definition is not definite because it is prone to personal, historical, or philosophical changes. “Success: The Myth”, is a definition essay written by Feross Aboukhadijeh, explaining that real success requires specific qualities rather than money and popularity. Aboukhadijeh goes on to explain that having a large sum of money does not lead to success by pointing out, …show more content…
Didion explains that morality should not have just one definition of defining what is good or bad, in this quote, “...”morality”, so primitive that it scarcely deserves the name, a code that has as its point only survival, not the attainment of the ideal good.” (Didion) Didion explains that morality is more on how people choose to survive by basing off what they define as their morals. This further shows that morality is subjective to others who all have different levels of morality. She introduces the philosophical aspect that words such as morality can have underlying meaning (Didion) to it, such as stating, “You see I want to be quite obstinate about insisting that we have no way of knowing -- beyond that fundamental loyalty to the social code -- what is “right” and what is “wrong,” what is “good” and what is “evil”.” (Didion) Explaining what is good and what is evil, or what is right and what is wrong, Didion processes philosophy of what it means to have morals. Morality is changed through others’ thoughts and opinions of what the definition could mean. Words such as morality are indefinite and subjective because of the philosophical point of view others’ may have on what the connotative meaning is making the definition change using

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