The Mystery Of The Planet Pandora Essay

1200 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
Trees are a stable source of life for everyone on Earth. Unbeknownst to many, their lively roots have entwined for eighty thousand years beneath our feet, unnoticed and nearly impossible to destroy. Possessing an intricate weave, they are alike to the towering poles with twisted wires that line the streets. They are jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of land, necessary to complete the picture but unthought of as individuals; going without a few pieces slightly impacts the likeness, but after a certain amount of disappearance, the alluring image becomes extinct. When we assume that trees are apathetic resources made for exploitation, but they have the balance of life fully integrated into a neural system of divergent connections. After more seasons in their life than the average human has days, the possibilities that are located beneath our feet is an overlooked enigma located in plain sight.
In the sci fi movie, Avatar, the Na’vi people are comprised of an austere race of aliens on the planet Pandora. They have an undeniable and profound “deep connection [...] with the forest” (Cameron, Avatar), that the humans are losing on Earth. Even in a world where connections are airborne and essential, we feel no attachments to many of the things that we are somatically or psychologically linked to. Humanity takes advantage of these automatically accessible morsels that flood our technology day and night with the belief that feeding the insatiable hunger for more will fill our minds with…

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