The Myers Briggs Type Personality Test Essay

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-According to the Myers-Briggs type personality test, my type is ENFJ (34% Extravert, 9% Intuitive, 34% Feeling, and 12% Judging). The results showed that I have a moderate preference of extraversion over introversion, a slight preference of intuition over sensing, a moderate preference of feeling over thinking, and a slight preference of judging over perceiving. However, I am not sure how accurate these results are. For example, my results showed I have a moderate preference of extraversion over introversion. However, I would describe myself as more of an introvert. I feel as if my personality is more characterized by internal feelings rather than external sources. I would describe myself as a motivated, responsible, goal-orientated, outgoing, respectful, and hardworking individual. I am very close with my family and love to just relax with family and friends. I would consider myself very active; I love working out and keeping fit. Recently, I am started eating healthier which can be hard at some points because I love food. I feel as if I am a person who thinks things through before I act. I try to plan situations out rather than just going with the flow. I like having everything planned out and oftentimes, I get very stressed if I do not have a set plan. I have good time management skills which allow me to balance more than one task at a time.

- Since I am very close to my family, they get to see all my different moods. Therefore, I think my family would describe me as a…

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