The Myers Briggs Personality Test And Its Accuracy Fact Or Fiction?

1448 Words Aug 19th, 2016 null Page
The Myers Briggs Personality Test and its accuracy—fact or fiction? Is it beneficial to know your “type” or is it just merely mumbo, jumbo? As with all questions that are either theoretical or conceptual in nature, the answer to this question is, quite simply, dependent upon who you ask. A topic such as this makes for quite the intriguing debate. But no matter what side you choose to root for, it is essential to base your decision by obtaining information from credible sources, sources that are objective without bias—don’t make the mistake of allowing yourself to be swayed by word of mouth, what you heard, and, most importantly, not by those who have already made their own decision, be it whoever, even if it’s someone who’s opinions you truly value or someone who you admire and have a profound respect for, not even your hero. Adding on, trouble and confusion tends to come when your family gets involved. After all, they are your family and it is most distinct in their nature to instinctively aim to instill their beliefs and values upon their lineage. However, and as hard as it may be for you to do, find it in you to detach and allow yourself to be your own person, with your own set of values and beliefs.

Should you, in the end, find yourself on the way to a path different than that of theirs, take pride in your finding and don’t apologize for it. Accept and appreciate, without reservation, the fact that were strong enough not to conform to that of your culture.…

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