The Myer Briggs Personality Test Essay

1253 Words Mar 12th, 2016 null Page
When doing this personality test there was a level of skepticisms while the questions were being answered. After the questioner was completed and the results were in the skepticism diminished and some belief came through. Not everything in this personality test was accurate but on some level it was understood. The Myer Briggs personality test reviled what ENTJ stood for, some percentages of the components in ENTJ, functional analysis of an ENTJ personality, how they learn, how they communicate, what type of job they would be good at, and some famous people that share the same personality type.
ENTJ stands for extravert intuitive, thinking, judging and represents individual 's preferences in four dimensions characterizing personality type, according to Jung 's and Briggs Myers ' theories of personality type (Human metrics/personality). ENTJ appear to have (1%) preference of extraversion over introversion, (3%) preference of intuition over sensing, (1%) preference of thinking over feeling, characteristics of more than one personality type may apply (Human metrics/personality). This was interesting because it means that ENTJ’s are not just ENTJ’s they may have more than one personality type within them depending on the time and situation. After I took the personality test I couldn’t help but to wondered that if the test was taken again on a different day and time would the results be the same? This type of thinking falls into one of the dimension of attributes our book…

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