The Music Of Hip Hop Essay

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Travels and re-birth of Hip-hop music

‘Represent the Real hip-hop!’. Anyone who has ever devoted an ear to a few rap song has heard this line. In the USA, numerous are the pioneers of the genre who self-appropriated this claim or others similar, such as ‘Keep it Real’. In the USA, through artists such as Public Enemy and KRS One to Tupac and Nas among hundreds of others, Hip-hop made its way towards public recognition due to the veracity of its message.

A music to which listeners could identify to. Through depicting the subtle or obvious daily violence rising from historical and contemporary social segregation and urban ghettos, rap addressed contemporary cultural and the physical alienation of afro-american and latino communities in America. For instance, through looking at the one-sided version of US history taught at school, or at the disproportional number of black incarcerated.

From its beginning in the early 1980s until the late nineties, the adjective ‘real’ accurately described the Hip-hop movement. Credibility matched with authenticity were the common denominators for the emerging artists. Hip-hop and rap are the outcome of the key marriage between Afro-American musical gendre and contesting political movements. The influence of Blues, Jazz and Soul musics allied with historically significant political struggles, such as Civil Right Movement act lead by Martin Luther King Jr alongwith the influential struggle of Malcom X and the Nation of Islam, without…

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