The Music Of A Band Has Let Me See Some Great Compositions By Tyler Grant, And Robert Smith

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Being in a band has let me see some great compositions by Tyler Grant, and Robert Smith. The amount of joy I, and my friends have gotten from playing this music has inspired me to want to compose music. This experience highlights that composing music brings many people joy, helps, and inspires them. As a music composer, one could compose for animation, video games, or movies, to have fun composing while affecting humanity. One profession that involves composing music is an animation score writer. All types of music has its style and rules, and animation scores are no different. Musical scores for animation are often more energetic than other forms of media. (Fernandez) Music for animation changes styles, tone, and mood more often than other styles of music. (Fernandez) Changing those elements of the song creates atmosphere for scenes in the show, and makes the composition as well as the show unique. Musical styles change based on the type of show, and the type of episode.(Fernandez) Like T.V shows all compositions are unique, so making a composition unique to a show by changing it to the shows universe. An example of that is to use electronic sound bites in a score for a show that takes place it the future because it will sound futuristic, as well as unique. When composing for animation, remember to make songs more energetic, and have it change more often to set mood, tone, and atmosphere, while still making it unique to oneself, and the show. Another profession that…

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