The Music Industry Discriminates Against The Lgbt Community Essay

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion rather than conforming to the views of others. The way it’s done can leave a negative or positive impact on a community. The music industry discriminates against the LGBT community while others accept them. “LGBT” is the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. (“The Welcoming Project”, 1) Fashion and arts have a large amount of known members in the LGBT community, whereas people in the entertainment industry, such as music and television, are less likely to see members of the LGBT community. No matter who discriminates against a person within the LGBT community, when it comes from a loved one, it has a negative effect on that person. (“Revel and Riot”, 3) A persons gender identity and sexual orientation shouldn’t change the way that person is treated. By being more accepting and non-judgmental, the world could become more peaceful and unified.
In the TV industry, homosexuals and homosexuality is becoming the focal of films. Even though there are many movies based on homosexuality, these movies are not a favorites to the majority of society. In movies, homosexuality is less likely to be shown and when it is, it’s mostly a joke, something to feel sorry for, or something to be afraid of. (“Homosexuality in Film”, 1) Hollywood, being a big trendsetter, determines how most heterosexuals look at homosexuals and vice versa. (“Homosexuality in Film”, 1) This type of discrimination molds society’s attitude on homosexuality.…

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