The Movie Towns By John Green Essay

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“Margo loved mysteries so much she became one,” is one of the beginning lines in the movie Paper Towns. It is also one of the most quoted ones. This may be because people think of it as deep or maybe romantic. The movie Paper Towns is anything but romantic. It portrays a love between a boy and the idea of a girl, not between a boy and an actual girl.
Paper Towns is a movie that came out in 2015 based on the 2008 novel Paper Towns by John Green. The movie is about how the main character, Quentin “Q” Jacobsen, goes on multiple adventures to help and find the girl he is in love with, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Throughout the movie, Quentin talks about things he and Margo did as kids. He describes how close they were then, and how in love he is with her now. He speaks of her and how she must be with her friends. He describes her like he understands everything about her, even though they have hardly spoken since they were children, and at the time of the movie they are seventeen. One night Margo comes up to Quentin’s window, and for a moment he sees her how he used to; always coming to his window at night for an adventure. He decides to go with her. During the course of this night, they visit a local store and buy items to prank some of Margo’s supposed friends. They prank Margo’s now ex-boyfriend, now ex best friend, and another one of Margo’s close friends. They go up into a skyscraper, and Margo speaks about how she is tired of living in this town. After that night, Margo goes…

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