The Movie ' The Boy Meets A Girl ' Essay

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In every romance or drama movie, the boy meets a girl, boy saves the girl (or vice versa), and then they fall in love. We see this scenario repeated in all sorts of media, but also in our own lives. Why do we fall in love? The answer is not always clear, but one thing for certain is that love is important for us as humans. “The lover” figure exists for us because love is something that all of us are ‘supposed’ to find. Love comes with confusing emotion, characteristics, and feelings. What we fail to understand is that these repercussions are beneficial to us as we learn, grow, and overcome difficult obstacles. We as humans have been brought up around love, and we have been taught that we were born because two people fell in love. We have been influenced by stories, families, movies, fairytales (the list continues on), that the lover faces many challenges, heartbreak, but also happiness. Love is a natural virtue for us as humans, without love we would feel alone, lost, sad or even depressed. Being influenced by so many items in our life leads us to have a strong desire to find love, or be “the lover”.
The lover archetype is a recurrent symbol that is seen in literature and numerous forms of media. We see this archetype everyday such as Rose in the Titanic, The Notebook, Romeo and Juliet, music, and even artwork, the list will continue to go on for as long as humanity exists. “The lover” archetype ties in with what we have been taught about love. They feel the most fulfilled…

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