The Movie ' The Big Short ' Essay

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School teaches students many subjects like mathematics, history, science, writing and so on. We go to class sit down for some hours get up and go to another class. This routine goes on and on until students graduate. What is a problem here you may ask? Well, according to the author of Excellent Sheep, William Deresiewicz, many. Students go on to their career choices not knowing the reason to their actions. The movie The Big Short is an example of what happens when students don’t think for themselves but act to meet a standard or set of rules. Then after a while they are in a habit of doing things to satisfy those sets of rules. The problem might not be the students but the system itself that “manipulates” students actions for the benefit of themselves. When we take a look what William Deresiewicz talks about in his book we can see a reflection of those actions in the movie The Big Short. In the movie the whole topic of it was the financial crisis. In the movie we had businessmen along with banks having control of the whole situation. All they see are dollar signs and when they come across people that tell them their actions can disrupt their balance they don’t want to believe it. One of problems in the movie was who it will end up affecting and that would be the middle and lower class. The other problem was realizing that there was a problem. Wall Street along with their negotiators were interested to gain money that they didn’t see the problems that montages had on…

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