The Movie ' Still Alice ' Essay

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When I first read the title of the movie, I did not think that it was going to be about Alzheimer disease. “Still Alice” appears to be a positive movie title. Consequently, I thought that the movie would be based on something positive. While I watched the movie, I learned that the character is facing the hardship of a rare disease (familial Alzheimer’s disease). The biggest question if whether the character is still Alice because of the changes that she is going through with her disease.
The movie reassures speech-language pathologists the importance of counseling. Alzheimer’s disease greatly affects the patient as well as family members. The movie helps speech-language pathologists to be able to sympathize with patients and family members during this type of situation. The movie depicts the changes with the family dynamics and emotions regarding the disease. Counseling is essential for patients and family members during this difficult time to reduce any negative emotions/thoughts.
Alice faced changes because of the progression of her disease. Throughout the movie, Alice memory continued to deteriorate. This caused her to forget her identity before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, the movie depicts the ways that she is Still Alice. Alice remains a wife and a mother. She also remains the author of “From Neurons to Nouns.”
The movie depicts the changes that Alice experienced. As Alice’s disease progressed, she was no longer a beautiful/stylish woman as…

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