My Virtual Child Reflection

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My Virtual Child- Reflection 5
5) 5th reflection and BONUS due October 14- your child should be at 16yrs 11 months before class Q. Your child has asked some questions about morality, religion, and politics and you were given the option to share your particular beliefs or let your child learn about what others believe. Did you choose to share your particular beliefs with your child or not? How could sharing your beliefs benefit your child? How could learning about a diversity of beliefs benefit your child? (0.5+0.5)

I chose the option that implied that I had been casually telling her about my beliefs throughout her childhood. When she shared her beliefs, hers were very compatible with mine. Sharing my beliefs with my child could be beneficial
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Layla told me that she was in love; this led to my partner and I worrying about whether or not Layla was having sexual intercourse. According to Figure 15.3 on page 630 of our textbook, over 60% of women had sex before the age of 18. Because this is above 50%, it appears that my daughter’s behavior is typical. I responded to my teenager by having a conversation with her where I told her that I think she should wait until she is more mature to engage in this activity. I also talked to Layla about safe sex, condoms, and birth control. I believe that this was the most appropriate response I could give based on the answer choices because I expressed concern in a warm manner while still providing her with sexual education. If I could have created my own scenario, I would have started talking to her about sex much earlier. In my own personal experience, it seems that many parents are not very sex-positive; they are apprehensive to talk to their children about sex in a realistic manner. My own mother gave me a book, and she never talked to me about sex. When I do have children in the future, I do not want my children to grow up confused or in fear of what their own body is capable of. I never want to tell my children that sex only happens between parents or between two people that are in love; it is incorrect and misleading to do so. If I could have chosen exactly how I approached sex to my …show more content…
Reflect back on the parenting intentions you established at the beginning of your child’s life. How did your original intentions and expectations match (or mismatch) the reality of your child’s developmental outcomes at this point? What advantages and/or risk factors has your child experienced and how did these factors shape your child’s development? Did your child show resilience? Why or why not? What were the most (1) surprising, (2) challenging, and (3) satisfying aspects of parenting this child? (In your response, you may refer to specific ages/stages, characteristics, or developmental domains.) (1 point for surprising+ 1 point for challenging+ 1 point for

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