The Movie Robot And Frank Essay

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The movie Robot and Frank, (Acord, Bisbee, Kelman-Bisbee, Niederhofee, Schreier, 2012) is about an elderly man and a robot that is forced upon him due to his son’s worry about his father’s life. Frank is an older man whose life is a bit of a mess. Frank is seen as an older man who can’t take care of himself and is known in his community as a thief. After his son comes to visit him and see’s that his house is in disarray, the son gives him a robot that is intended to be his caretaker. Once the son leaves, Frank refuses the help of his caretaking robot but soon learns that he can train the robot to steal. Wanting to get back into the life of stealing, Frank shows the robot how to steal. Frank finds himself unknowingly becoming friends with the robot and becoming healthier. The only problem is that they target the wrong person and find themselves running from the law.
From an ethical view point on assistive technology you find yourself questioning if the robot was really benefiting Frank. You must take into consideration the autonomy, fidelity, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice to make an informed decision. As stated by Cook and Polgar (2015), “the intent of AT applications is to increase independence and maximize full societal participation for individuals with disabilities” (p. 68). In this case Frank is the individual and the AT device is an artificially intelligent robot. These aspects are what I will be focusing on throughout my paper.
Within the movie Robot and…

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