The Movie Pulled On The Heartstrings Analysis

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This movie pulled on the heartstrings. Similar to all the movies I have seen based on a book, the book is superior. The question remains how much did Hollywood invent, and what of the story happened. In this report I will take a summary of what the movie portrayed, and compare and contrast it to the historical accuracy of the information.
The movie follows the life of Solomon Northup, a free black man, who had a wife and two young children. In 1841, while Northup’s family had gone away, he met two men in Saratoga New York. These Men promised Northup they would pay him for playing violin in a circus show; they introduce themselves as Brown and Hamilton. They trick him into traveling to Washington, D.C.; where they sell him into slavery in the south. The truth of this portion of the movie is that, a man named Samuel Northup, existed who was born a free man, and had been given a respectable education. He married Anne Hampton a woman of mixed race. Northup a skilled carpenter who played violin, he and his wife had three children, unlike the two as in the movie.
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Burch beats him with a paddle until it breaks, and is beaten further with a whip called a cat o nine tails. Solomon Northup says in his book, “Even now the flesh crawls upon my bones, as I recall the scene. I was all on fire. My sufferings I can compare to nothing else than the burning agonies of hell (Northup).” The scene where Northup tries to organize the slaves to overtake the ship did happen but not in the way it was depicted. Robert, one of the slaves on the ship was the one who tried to organize the others to take over the ship. The movie shows the reason this strategy was foiled was because Robert was stabbed when he tries to stop Eliza, the slave woman, from being raped. Instead, what stopped them overthrowing was that Robert dies of Smallpox. It is accurate that Northup’s name was changed to Platt

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