Examples Of Punishment In Nightjohn

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Slavery is known to be a dark part in U.S. history, but why should people lie about what clearly happened? Slavery is the practice of forcing people, specifically African Americans, to do labor for an owner on his or her plantation. In the novel, NightJohn, Sarny secretly starts to learn to read and write despite the risks of getting discovered. Although Gary Paulsen’s novel, NightJohn, is considered historical fiction, Paulsen accurately depicts their support between each other, their determination to learn, and their resistance to punishments in corroboration with multiple sources. To start, Gary Paulsen accurately explained the supports between those enslaved that can be proven with first person accounts of slavery. In NightJohn, Sarny, …show more content…
Resistance to punishments is shown in NightJohn when slaves did not scream when whipped and lashed. When John was punished, he did not scream or cry because he did not want to give Waller the satisfaction of giving him pain. As stated in Twelve Years a Slave, by Solomon Northup, “At length to my great joy, I came to a wide bayou, and plunging in, had soon stemmed its sluggish current to the other side.” Northup depicts his escape from his master and the dogs. This is another example of resistance to punishments. Northup resisted the urge to stay because many slaves have tried to escape, but never made it. In NightJohn, John escaped as well and made it out successfully like Northup. In the reading, “Harriet Tubman,” “By holding her ground in a doorway, she shielded a fellow field hand from an angry master, who then hurled a two-pound weight. Missing its intended target, the weight struck Tubman on her head.” Tubman’s actions show that she fought back against her master and slavery. She refused to let her master hurt another person, so she stood her ground. Like Tubman, John refused to let Mammy get punished, so he confessed and got himself punished. Even then, John did not let himself show any pain to Waller. Overall, Paulsen’s portrayal of resistance to punishments can be confirmed from personal accounts due to his broad range of ways people fought back against

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