The Movie ' Invictus ' Essay

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“Invictus: Is it Hollywood or is it History?”
How would you feel if you had no rights in your own country? In South Africa during apartheid the native blacks had their rights taken away by the Afrikaners ( Brown and Hort). Recently I watched the movie Invictus which is about South Africa during Nelson Mandela’s Presidency. I’ve also done research on the true events, time period, and people. In this paper I will prove that the film, Invictus, was historically accurate by discussing the true historical people and events, summarizing the movie, and comparing and contrasting how the movie portrayed the true people and events. Mandela was born in the district of Umatata in South Africa on July 18, 1918. During his early childhood, the country of South Africa was changing due to the discovery of gold and diamonds. As Mandela enters adulthood, he comes to realize that all is no well with his country. While living in Johannesburg and experiencing apartheid firsthand Nelson becomes more politically active by learning law, protesting and boycotting. As Mandela and the ANC were working hard for the rights of blacks, the national party and Daniel Malen were making stricter rules. Then as the government rules get more strict, Mandela’s way of protesting changed. He then went underground with the ANC to try to make the country better without getting caught. He is still found and arrested, goes to trial and is sentenced to life in prison. While doing his time in prison Mandela…

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