The Movie Crash Directed By Paul Haggis Essay

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Racism has been a worldwide issue for many years and throughout those years racism has been very visible. Some people tend to show or express how they view different races more than other people and sometimes people tend to hind how they feel about it. Sometime people begin to change for the better or the worse when it comes to how they view racism. In the movie Crash directed by Paul Haggis racism is shown through many scenes with different characters from different ethnicities. One character that has changed is John Ryan. John Ryan has shown change by showing how he feels about other races.
In the beginning John Ryan is angry and frustrated because he trying to get medical help for his father. He is not able to because the insurance will not cover the medical needs that he is seeking for his father. John Ryan calls the insurance agency that he has been dealing with since his father has been ill and John Ryan is very rude to the insurance woman. John Ryan asks the lady what her name is and she tells him that her name is Shaniqua Johnson. John Ryan then says how it was a big surprise, in a sarcastic voice. John Ryan was meaning that he wasn’t shocked that her name was that and was inferring that all African American women have names that are a lot different than the names of Caucasian women and that Shaniqua Johnson was a typical African American name. Later on, John Ryan pulls over Cameron and Christine, an African American couple and asks them to step out of their…

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